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TABOO NIHON     タブー日本

目的は、日本のさまざまなタブー問題に関するインタビューを伴う、一連のポートレートとライフスタイルのイメージを作成することです。人種差別、LGTBQ +、メンタルヘルス、女性軽視 「ミソジニー」 / 性差別、セクシャルハラスメント / レイプ、その他の問題を含みます。

The aim is to create a series of portrait and lifestyle images accompanied by interviews regarding different taboo issues in Japan including; Racism, LGTBQ+, Mental Health, Misogyny, Sexual Harassment and other social issues.



Hoping to open up conversations regarding these topics by creating a space within the online community where Japanese people can feel more comfortable speaking up. We want to help this society recognise that these conversations are absolutely necessary to have and that they should be normalised and spoken about on a daily basis.



It’s ok to have these conversations. It’s important to surround yourself with people, i.e. friends and family, where you feel safe enough to speak about these issues. There are so many social injustices around the world, but Japan as a country is seriously lagging behind many progressive and developing countries. There is a lot of work to do here but if I can spread awareness through my imagery, through collaborating with creatives, through having those uncomfortable conversations while I’m living in Japan, then I’m here to do this project justice.

Instagram - @taboonihon

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