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eyeSEE - First solo photo exhibition    

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​eyeSEE. A move to the other side of the world started as my own form of escapism, which then quickly shifted into my reality. I document people, light, colours, shapes and movements that surround me on a daily basis. This is what I see. I encourage those who see my work to look more closely at the world around them; to explore their own creativity and to recognise and appreciate beauty in the mundane. Our world is complex and our lives are full of distractions but each experience contains some form of beauty.

eyeSEE 世界の反対側への引越しは、私自身の現実逃避として始まり、その後すぐ現実世界に引き込まれた。私は日常生活で私を取り巻く人々、光、色、形、動きを記録する。これは私の観る世界。観覧者には、この世界をもっと近くで感じることをお勧めする。:自身の独創性を探究し、ありふれた美しさを認識し、感謝すること。私たちの世界は複雑で、私たちの生活は気晴らしに満ちているが、それぞれの体験に違った美の形が含まれている。それぞれに美しさが込められている。

In October 2020 I had the privilege to hold my first solo exhibition in my beloved Osaka. I displayed 30 images from my 35mm film collection. At the beginning of this project, I envisioned creating a space with substance; an environment where I could share a little piece of my journey in Japan so far with like-minded individuals and I think, with a lot of help, I made this vision a reality. 


The audio is a mix/sound collage that was recorded by tomsea, an artist from Manchester, experimenting with electronic music.

The music was selected and sequenced based on the interpretation of the images and video displayed - exploring moods, situations and new connections. 

Field recordings that were captured on a 2018 visit to Japan have been interlaced within the mix, furthering the sonic world-building.





Tascam Porta02

Technics 1210 x2


Strymon Blue Sky


The production of this whole exhibition wouldn't have been possible without the Earthmans team, Ue6Camera, Haiku Coffee, Matt Chen, tomsea and all my friends that helped with putting this together, thank you all so much. Special thanks also, to everyone who attended my exhibition and supported me online, I appreciate every single one of you.

この展覧会の制作は、Earthmansチーム、Ue6Camera、Haiku Coffee、Matt Chen、tomsea、そして手伝ってくれた友人たちのおかげで実現しました。また、今回の展示会に参加してくださった皆様、オンラインで応援してくださった皆様にも感謝しています。

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